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Tenses: negative

general rule

add NOT (or N'T) to the auxiliary

I am waiting
John is driving
they are travelling

I have asked
she has answered

you have been trying
we have been listening

Helen will leave
we will / we'll arrive

I am not waiting
John isn't driving
they aren't travelling

I haven't asked
she hasn't answered

you haven't been trying
we haven't been listening

Helen will not / won't leave
we will not / won't arrive

if there is no auxiliary: use the auxiliary DO + infinitive

I like doughnuts
she speaks Spanish
they read novels

I bought doughnuts
Sarah spoke French
we worked hard

I don't like doughnuts
she doesn't speak Spanish
they don't read novels

I didn't buy doughnuts
Sarah didn't speak French
we didn't work hard

We always use an auxiliary
when we make a sentence or verb negative or interrogative,
not the main verb !

If there is no auxiliary in the sentence
add the auxliary DO (+ infinitive)